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"It takes three generations to build legacy wealth, and only one generation to lose it. Wealth as a legacy is a choice, together lets choose it" — Dr. Pamela Jolly

Meet our 2018 Cohorts

2018 marks the beginning of The Legacy Wealth Initiative with the launch of two cohorts in partnership with community organizations committed to elevating the standard of business to wealth as legacy.

Detroit, Michigan

In collaboration with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, led by Shawn Dove, The Black Male Equity Initiative in Detroit is working to expand the narrative of black male achievement to wealth.  

Omaha, Nebraska

In collaboration  with the Omaha Empowerment Network, led by Willie Barney, The Omaha Legacy Wealth Initiative is working  to explore specific ways wealth can become the standard in the North Omaha Community.  

Do You Want to Build a Legacy that Leads to wealth?

Together, let us identify specific ways wealth can become a legacy in our families and communities. Our time is now. 


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Coming in 2019

2019 is the year of INVITATION for the Legacy Wealth Initiative, last year we proved the model can and will provide impact, this year we share the wealth of our journey over the past 14 years.

The Legacy Wealth for Women Cohort

This journey is for women in or near the Philadelphia, Pa area who want to spend 2019 elevating their standard of business to the wealth they are more than capable of building.  

The Sankofa Anthology

Our first Legacy Wealth Cohort was with our esteemed partner Willie Barney and the Empowerment Network in Omaha.  The cohort published its first Anthology detailing their exploration of  the reality that the way forward to wealth is really back through.  

The BMEI Anthology

Coming in January 2019

This anthology walks each reader through the minds and hearts of a cohort of black men in Detroit who committed 12 months of their time to develop an understanding of equity and an appreciation for legacy wealth.  


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