The Black Male Equity Initiative is an interactive exploration of what wealth and equity look like and how you can build it.

The intent of the Black Male Equity Program is to establish a foundation from which to build, grow, and expand the Legacy Wealth perspective of black men by measuring and monitoring four specific milestones and results of a black male cohort.

The Program consists of four key NarrowRoad™ equity explorations (Towers, Bars, Walls, and Gates) all used to guide black men along the road to a defined Legacy Wealth perspective that black men can uniquely resonate and align with.

Who is The Black Male Equity Initiative for?

Men who want to expand their perspective of equity so that they can design a way to leave and receive an inheritance in ways that are achievable.

Men who want to identify ways to increase their income earning capability

Men who want to build a budget for a “seed capital” reserve fund

Men who want to learn how to participate in the acquisition of a residential block of homes.

Together we will explore ways to expand the perspective of black male achievement to include equity and ownership as both are keys to long term wealth creation. This Initiative contains elements for long term progressive change and development in the lives of black men their families and communities.

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A five-pronged approach towards understanding black male equity

  1. Instruction - Quarterly Day Long Intensives designed to inspire, inform, challenge and motivate led by black men of experience and demonstrated commitment to the progression of black male equity.
  2. Education - A quarterly curriculum of 5 Modules (20 modules total) designed to teach the literal and applied meanings of 20 key words for wealth creation.
  3. Inspiration - Weekly calls with 3 of the nations top motivational and educational speakers, and teachers focused on reiterating the lessons and keywords of the program guided by a NarrowRoad™ to Legacy Wealth Guide for Men Journal & Workbook to document the progress.
  4. Influence - Each of the men will directly influence the outcome of the program with their participation and input to design a scalable black male equity model for the city.
  5. Accountability - Each of the men will participate in a pre and post quarter survey to evaluate and measure their understanding, awareness, and engagement in black male equity program

There’s no question about what to do next, and you’ll create something you’re truly proud of!

Cohort Specifics

During our time together, we will build a foundation to help you build legacy wealth. 

  1. Four quarterly day-long intensives.
  2. Expert weekly check-ins with the cohort.
  3. An online curriculum.
  4. Eight surveys to assess progress and comprehension.
  5. A black male equity journal to document your journey.
  6. NarrowRoad™ Guide to Wealth for Men Workbook for each participant.

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Unlock the Wealth in Your Identity

At the end of each Quarterly Intensive, you will have achieved a milestone that contributes to designing a pathway towards ownership and equity for black men.

A Legacy Narrative - to map connections between the past, present, & future.

A Strategic Plan for Wealth Your Way

A Business Plan for the Business of You

A Brotherhood (Business of US) committed to Equity & Ownership


Meet Dr. Jolly

Dr. Pamela C.V. Jolly, Founder, and CEO of Torch Enterprises Inc has over 20 years of proven leadership and strategic management expertise; her primary focus is legacy wealth creation that passes on for generations. Her company Torch Enterprises is a strategic investment firm focused on growing and sustaining minority-owned businesses. She is most skilled at guiding organizations through the practical application of business and financial principles to form data-driven strategies that elevate standards of business with proper capital budgeting, strategic positioning, and the raising of capital.

She inspires audiences around the country, at every level, to break through barriers and pursue the promise we have inherited and the wealth that comes from owning the fullness of who you are. Her best-selling book detailing the NarrowRoad™ was released in 2015

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