Women's Wealth Initiative:

Navigating the NarrowRoad™ to Legacy Wealth











2020 Women's Wealth Initiative!

After over a decade of research I have come to understanding that both a black woman’s relationship with money and responsibility of what do to with her money are much different from our male counterparts. And that when we get the money relationship and the money responsibility in check our whole community will change for the better. Black women have the unique opportunity to birth a new economy. LET'S DO IT.


Legacy is a narrative continues across generations through "The Business of You"


Business of You

Business is 80% the same, and only 20% different. The Difference is your perspective of the legacy wealth you have inherited.

Business of Us

The primary purpose of business is to build wealth, black woman are you are purpose?


Imagine a journey where these three elements continue to build, grow, and expand upon each other in your life.. Imagine owning a blueprint for wealth you understand and believe in. Should this image one you want to make a reality, this women and wealth series is for you.

Part 1 - June 22nd

Owning your path as you define it

Journey along the NarrowRoad™ for women

We have all done it, taken these quizzes and surveys to see where we are financially, but have you journeyed through the results to identify the wealth strategy that works for you? if your answer is no, then part one is a journey worth taking.  

This Intensive is CLOSED

Part 2 - September 14th

Connecting the Dots of Lifestyle and Legacy 

Explored as an intimate, engaging, educational discussion that results in a roadmap further down the NarrowRoad™ to wealth 

Being about your business - Become the CEO of your own business. Own your vision of wealth. 

Being about our business - Sit at the equity table of our business and negotiate the expansion.

This intensive is closed

Part 3 - January 2020

Renewal, Review and Anchoring

Renewal, review of the journey and anchoring financial and wealth outcomes to the year ahead you believe in 

This intensive is open


Women, we have a tremendous opportunity before us. 

Let's commit 2019 to being about our business and elevating our standard to wealth as a legacy.  We have inherited the opportunity to do this.  

— Dr. Pamela Jolly

Invest in the Women's Wealth Initiative to  clarify any confusion about the wealth builder in you.

A journey that begins and ends with a focus on the power of black women and their financial promise. Learning to look at yourself through the lens of 5 capitals — cultural, intellectual, human, social, and spiritual you will move beyond the dream of wealth to possession of it. 100% your way.


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